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    OneWeb Technologies is the premier provider of secure, innovative commercial satellite communications (COMSATCOM) applications and wireless technologies globally

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    From Local to State to Federal agencies and the military, OneWeb Technologies provides various secure and reliable communications solutions for our government customers.

    OneWeb Technologies uniquely combine extensive satellite access and expansive terrestrial capacity with highly effective applications to deliver best‐fit, custom end-to-end solutions. For government customers requiring instant, robust and easily deployable connectivity, our solutions provide maximum reliability across a wide range of applications, including broadband Internet access; VoIP/voice, video conferencing, including secure video conferencing, and data communications; emergency response; tactical field deployment and temporary usage. The only satellite communications provider with its own network infrastructure and 24/7 Managed Services Operations Center (MSOC) located on a secure military base, OneWeb Technologies' unparalleled global network and engineering expertise exceeds our customers’ security and reliability standards. The objective of our government partnerships is to satisfy the below communications requirements:

    • Build, design, implement and manage complex COMSATCOM solutions and services

    • Provide vital interoperability between commercial satellite and government communications systems

    • Provide Mission Critical Communications, ensuring communications are available and reliable when you need them the most

    • Provide options for temporary implementable continuity of operations capabilities that support voice, video and data communications, no matter the global location of your staff or soldiers

    • Provide Discreet Communications Solutions that meet the needs of government users to operate in plain sight with the appropriate protections.

    • Provide End-to-End Cyber Secure integrated High Bandwidth, Low Latency, Distributed solutions that are optimized to support connected and disconnected operations.

    Mission Critical Communications

    OneWeb Technologies understands the challenges faced by government agencies and warfighters requiring real-time situational awareness and advanced networking capabilities in mission critical situations. OneWeb Technologies has built relationships with partners and vendors all over the globe and uses those relationships and vast engineering expertise to craft unique, secure and rapid communications solutions for our government and military customers.

    Continuity of Operations

    Disasters and communications failures can disrupt day to day operations and in some cases, put lives at risk. Providing both fixed and mobile satellite solutions, RF, terrestrial connectivity and a global MPLS network, OneWeb Technologies can design and implement fully redundant communications networks to assure continuity of operations during critical emergencies and disaster situations. OneWeb Technologies specializes in tailoring solutions to meet our customers’ unique and specific needs and can quickly and efficiently deliver those solutions to our government customers.

    Discreet Communications

    OneWeb Technologies, leveraging its experience of users need to deploy commercial COMSATCOM solutions that support Information Assurance (IA), Communications Security (COMSEC) and secure identity management within trusted and protected networks, delivers innovative solutions to address all these requirements. Please call OneWeb Technologies to have appropriate discussions regarding our discreet communications solutions.

    End-to-End Cyber Secure

    OneWeb Technologies has integrated multiple vendors to support a truly integrated end-to-end capabilities that enables cloud connectivity to be distributed out to the tactical edge. OneWeb Technologies has optimized solutions to operate in connected and disconnected environments with multiple distribution options via Wi-Fi and/or tactical LTE.

    Communications are critical to the day to day operations of all businesses today with access to business applications (ERP/CRM etc.), whether on premises or in the cloud, these applications are vital to support business operations and employee effectiveness.

    Today, there are multiple communications mediums available; terrestrial, cellular and satellite based, and finding the right mix to support your enterprise requirements is key for day to day effectiveness, business continuity, disaster recovery or executive communications. OneWeb Technologies delivers customized satellite (VSAT) and terrestrial end-to-end communications solutions that can support any of your Enterprise communications needs.

    Enterprise companies select OneWeb Technologies to develop and implement a broad range of telecommunications solutions. Our skill and responsiveness, as well as our ability to tailor the solution across the breadth of communications technologies, allows our customers to conduct voice, video and data applications wherever and whenever required. The objective of our Enterprise partnerships is to satisfy the below communications requirements:

    • Build and implement networks that support voice, video and data communications, no matter the global location of your personnel and operations

    • Design and build mobile and fixed equipment for network access and management, that guarantees maximum uptime, system monitoring and ease of operation

    • Deliver broadband Internet access and voice services for the head office and remote corporate locations

    • Design and deliver disaster recovery solutions focused on supporting the most critical business applications during core communications outages

    • Provide options for temporary implementable business continuity capabilities that support voice, video and data communications, no matter the global location of your personnel and operations

    • Provide global, secure executive communications solutions for voice and data services

    Disaster Recovery

    While there are many communications alternatives, too often we find that in times of natural disaster or communications failure that while the impact may be to only one communications path (terrestrial or cellular), the increased demand on the remaining communications path is such that congestion will occur on the available networks. Take yourself out of that contention nightmare with a OneWeb Technologies' VSAT communications solution that will allow your headquarters and disparate office personnel to maintain connectivity for your critical business applications. OneWeb Technologies understands how to tailor solutions to meet the specific demands of applications, ensuring that the right priority and quality of services is provided to the most critical business applications whether that be voice, data or video. OneWeb Technologies' networks are your conduit to send your instantaneous response to provide direction using stationary or mobile Ku, Ka, C and L-band VSAT systems.


    Many organizations don’t think about the criticality of continuity until they have had a negative experience. Let OneWeb Technologies help you plan and be ready to support your organizational continuity connectivity challenges with robust, environmentally independent communications tailored to support your specific needs. Whether that is to support your core applications, primary or secondary distribution capabilities, sales order fulfilment or executive connectivity, OneWeb Technologies has both dedicated and responsive capabilities to support you. OneWeb Technologies provides portable (briefcase) through transportable and trailer-based communications systems, with or without power, to deploy when and where you need them.

    Senior Leader Communications

    Today we all rely on our cell phones to provide our connectivity needs for voice, email and progressively more and more business applications, and in most instances, they deliver all we need. But haven’t we all experienced the challenges when networks get congested for whatever reason or, while were doing business on a global stage, key applications may be blocked (VPN, VoIP etc.). How many of us consider the security of our communications when in other countries? Can we rely on the security of the connection to handle confidential communications related to the deal being negotiated or merger being concluded? OneWeb Technologies takes cyber security very seriously and has multiple options, either that provide alternative communications paths (via satellite) and/or to provide cyber defense across untrusted networks in a manner that isn’t blocked by 3rd party international networks. Call OneWeb Technologies to discuss your senior leader communications needs and let us tailor a solution to best support your business goals.

    OneWeb Technologies is a member of:

    OneWeb Technologies is categorized under some NAICS codes as a small business, but we possess large business capabilities, infrastructure, and resources.

    Our extensive past-performance contracts illustrate our proven reliability, sustainment, responsiveness and optimization. Each contract receives paramount services, supported by a highly experienced engineering team. We are dedicated to setting industry standards, developing secure networks and providing unparalleled customer service – all while meeting small-business, set-aside requirements.

    Our small-business classification and solid value proposition are highly valued by large integration companies and manufacturers looking to partner with small businesses in the COMSATCOM services segment. This helps the large contractors diversify beyond equipment provision and integration, and win contracts that feature recurring revenue.

    OneWeb Technologies is classified as a small business under NAICS code 517410.