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    OneWeb Technologies supports a broad range of wireless and satellite communication applications, uniquely adaptable to our customer’s unique requirements

    A COMSATCOM Solution

    Reliable space-based connectivity made easy

    OneWeb’s low Earth orbit (LEO) network heralds greater opportunities for real-time C2, a broader Common Operating Picture, and improved decision-making at sea for government partners. We deliver flexible, scalable, and reliable connectivity designed to optimize maritime safety, security, and cooperation. Our connectivity plans are easy to buy, deploy, and manage using cloud services and digital products that we make available as apps and APIs to enable the seamless integration of our connectivity with other network systems.

    OneWeb implements redundant solutions that safeguard continuity of operations during critical business periods and emergency situations. “Pop-up” connectivity can be rapidly deployed at short notice to areas with no existing or functioning base stations. Our network and roadmap to global coverage is designed to respond to critical needs.


    Low Earth orbit (LEO) connectivity supports tactical through strategic advantage for ground forces, even in the most complex and contested of operating environments with well-equipped adversaries capable of disrupting, degrading, and intercepting communications. Small, rugged, lightweight User Terminals can be carried on the person or integrated on board crewed & uncrewed vehicles to support fixed, deployable, and mobile command, control, and communications systems, cyber intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance requirements of mounted and dismounted units.


    Maritime Domain Awareness and at-sea command-and-control relies on persistent, reliable, and rapid satellite connectivity. Commercial shipping, DoD maritime forces, and allied partner operations around the globe depend on space architectures for remote sensing and satellite communications to deliver understanding of the turbulent and changeable open-ocean environment. OneWeb Technologies enables delivery of time-critical information to commanders and operators across the global maritime commons.

    OneWeb brings the full range of communications services to afloat enterprises around the globe, from pole-to-pole. Our network solutions provide inter- and intra-fleet communications that are secure, improve awareness at sea, and help protect strategic sea routes and waterways around the world. We provide the technology and hardware for connectivity in tough conditions and temperatures as low as -40°C. Our low earth orbit network opens greatly expanded opportunities for real-time C2, a broader common operating picture, and improved decision-making.


    OneWeb provides access to game-changing levels in airborne connectivity for aircraft – fixed-wing, rotary-wing, and uncrewed aerial systems – in increasingly complex operating environments everywhere. Our resilient, secure network solutions can be easily aggregated with GEO and MEO SATCOM, 5G, and ad hoc networks to reduce latency and increase throughput and redundancy.

    End users are able to create Common Operating Pictures at pace and use OneWeb technology to conduct in-flight video teleconferencing and secure VOIP; confirm flight planning and mission changes when airborne; as well as real-time monitoring of aircraft performance and health.

    User Terminals

    Low Earth Orbit (LEO) requires a new class of User Terminals (UT) for secure, multi-domain, real-time connectivity. We have teamed with leading terminal developers around the world to design, manufacture, and deliver a growing range of UTs for fixed and mobility applications. Revolutionary technological improvements have enabled simplified, rugged, electronically-steered antennas that address the challenges of size, weight, and power for size-constrained applications, and are postured for future multi-orbit, hybrid constellation use. Our Device Hub enables regular monitoring updates, and maintenance using cloud-based and self-service tools. In addition to our 24/7 MSOC in Houston, TX, the Device Hub also facilitates technical assistance for high priority issues.

    Satellite Emergency Operations Network (SEON)

    A voice & data solution for first responders when terrestrial infrastructures are damaged, destroyed or overloaded


    • Flexible

    • No Long-Term Contracts

    • Leasing Options

    • Simple, easy, reliable

    • On-site support as required

    • Redeploy when done


      Fixed Satellite Services

    • Ku-Band Services

    • iDirect Platform

    • U.S. Coverage

    • Occasional Usage (OU)

    • On-Demands Services

    • Flexible Data & VoIP Plans

      Mobile Satellite Services

    • Via Inmarsat’s satellite network

    • MPLS Services

    • COTM

    • Small-Portable Devices

    • Responder Airtime Plans

    • U.S. Dialing Numbers

    Dedicated Network Solution for First Responders

    OneWeb Technologies’ SEON, the Satellite Emergency Operations Network, provides emergency response communications to first responders and organizations whose terrestrial infrastructure has been damaged, destroyed or overloaded.

    A turn key occasional usage network, SEON offers both fixed and mobile satellite services, delivering a comprehensive, private and dedicated network. It enables communications over very wide areas and allows for interconnection among widely distributed networks.

    MEO Network Solutions

    An ultra low latency, fiber speed satellite network delivering connectivity faster, more reliably and affordably to underserved areas around the globe.


    • Highly scalable

    • Exceedingly reliable

    • Easy to maintain

    • Affordable

    • Global coverage


    • Ka-Band 12 satellite constellation, fully scalable to meet market demand

    • Ground period: 360 min / 4 contacts per day

    • 10 beams per region – 70 remote beams

    • Up to 1.6Gbps per spot beam

    • 84Gbps available per eight satellite constellation

    • Beam coverage: 700km diameter

    Improved User Experience

    Beyond major cities, the price of broadband remains high and fiber infrastructure remains poor. Delays in information transfer time in these remote, underserved areas can negatively impact the Quality of Experience (QoE) on video, voice and data services. The result is a frustrating user experience, with web pages and file downloads taking too long to complete. Just like with voice service delays, the longer the delay in web page loading, the further customer satisfaction falls. Ten seconds is an intolerable eternity for consumers trying to access a web site.

    By modernizing their networks – particularly in rural areas – operators are improving their QoE and gaining a significant competitive edge. With O3B Network Services from OneWeb Technologies, customers experience:

    • Crystal clear voice and HD video

    • Ultra fast response time

    • Seamless use of cloud based applications

    • Significant improvements in QoE

    • A competitive edge

    Low Latency, High Throughput

    With O3b’s Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) satellite network, third-party evaluations and performance verifications have confirmed O3b’s round trip latency is less than 150 milliseconds, as opposed to geostationary satellite alternatives with a 500 millisecond delay.

    Plus, OneWeb Technologies’ O3b Network Services deliver at least four times the throughput of traditional satellite providers. Throughputs and low latency backhaul compatible with all forms of last-mile solutions – including 2G, 3G, 4G, WiMAX and LTE – enable O3b to meet the unprecedented demand for mobile broadband.

    Services such as video streaming, interactive applications, cloud computing, online shopping, instant message and real-time video and data all gobble up bandwidth. O3b is the first operator to deliver 1.6 Gigabits of bandwidth over a single transponder. This high throughput service provides uncongested, single-hop connectivity to a Global IP backbone

    O3b’s Vast Network Coverage Area

    L-band Tactical

    Enabling Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) communications for military & coalition Forces tactical radios


    • Strategic, secure communications using existing equipment

    • Enables network interoperability

    • Voice & data capable

    • Easy to use

    • Global coverage with strategic backhaul

    • Dedicated bandwidth

    • Independent of local infrastructure

    • End users can prioritize traffic access between military and commercial satellite networks

    • Maximum flexibility in high-tempo & concurrent operations

    • Flexible leasing options


    • Supports in-service radios – uses existing hardware & cryptos

    • Omni-directional antennas

    • Supports UHF & VHF military & commercial frequencies

    • Very small form factor, lightweight, low power consumption

    • Narrow & Regional Beam footprints available

    • BLOS Communications without additional infrastructure

    • Narrow, Regional, Customized & Relocatable Beams

    • Netted voice & data for all- informed network

    • On the move, on the pause or at the halt

    BLOS Communications Using Existing Military Radios

    From the solider in the field to the commander hundreds of miles away, communication is often the key to mission success. UHF TACSAT channels are in short supply, and US and Coalition forces need to exercise command and control of widely dispersed units in austere environments without the delay of deploying terrestrial infrastructures or the burden of protecting and sustaining them.

    L-TAC from OneWeb Technologies extends the capabilities of the military’s existing hand held radios to deliver mobile Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) communications quickly, inexpensively and with practically no required training to those with an operational need.

    Delivering VHS & UHF Over L-Band Capabilities

    Designed with the soldier in mind, L-TAC from OneWeb Technologies leverages Inmarsat’s proven communications network and Spectra’s Slingshot™ – a small, external adaptor for military radios – to enable existing in-service tactical radios to provide BLOS by converting UHF and VHF signals to L-band.

    L-TAC from OneWeb Technologies is fully flexible and designed to meet the military’s security and reliability requirements in the most cost-effective manner possible. Once deployed, remote management and support is provided though a 24/7 secure network operation center.

    Additionally, the service offers a combination of reliable voice and data connectivity that is available globally, independent of local infrastructure. It is quick to set up, providing a fully configured solution requiring minimal user intervention before deployment. Solutions are available for both vehicles and the dismounted soldier, and can be leased for a fixed period (minimum duration one month), providing assured access throughout.

    L-TAC Vehicular/Maritime System Overview

    L-TAC’s Coverage Area


    Reliable Voice & Data Access in the Most Remote of Locations – for Less


    • Stay connected on land or sea

    • US run & managed Mobile Satellite Service (MSS)

    • Improved security & convenience

    • Manage, track your accounts from anywhere

    • Work more efficiently in the most remote of locations

    • Significant cost savings compared to other MSS solutions

    • Flexible service plans means no wasted minutes or expense

    Delivering Secure Mobile Communications & Data Assurance for Less

    Organizations operating in remote locations on land or sea face serious communication challenges. Workers on an off-shore oil platform need to communicate with their corporate headquarters or family and friends on land. NGO volunteers in desolate areas of Africa or Asia need to reliably connect to the home base. Government agencies and the military operating in unstable environments with little infrastructure require secure, controlled Beyond Line-of-Sight (BLOS) communications.

    Reliable Voice & Data Access in the Most Remote of Locations

    The Thuraya Network, a unique Mobile Satellite Service (MSS) solution from OneWeb Technologies, meets the satellite communications voice and data needs of organizations like yours throughout Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

    Fast, Flexible Solutions to Fit Your Needs

    With hardware options ranging from the handheld Thuraya SatSleeve that turns your smart phone into a satellite phone, to small and discreet mobile, vehicular or maritime terminals, accessing and benefiting from the Thuraya network is quick and easy.

    We provide land-based or sea-based terminal options providing 444kbps on standard IP and 384kbps on streaming IP, or handheld devices delivering voice and data access in over 160 countries covering 2/3 of the planet, Thuraya has the right land and sea system to cover your specific needs.

    IBIS – Powerful, Easy-to-Use Account Management

    IBIS, OneWeb Technologies’ Integrated Billing Information System, provides customers with the ease and convenience of managing their accounts from anywhere via the internet.

    With IBIS, Thuraya Network customers can:

    • Access detailed account information, status, usage & costs

    • Review all call traffic with customized traffic reporting

    • Track all active & inactive SIM cards

    • Stay on top on invoices and payments

    • Request and track customer & billing support


    More Information Coming Soon.


    More Information Coming Soon.