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    GSA Logo


    The GSA Multiple Award Schedule contract streamlines the ability of all U.S. federal agencies, as well as state and local governments, to purchase a wide range of information technology, network and satellite communications products and services from approved vendors. It also provides a streamlined process for blanket purchase agreements, compliance with federal acquisition regulations, and an easy online ordering process. OneWeb Technologies, the premier small-business provider of assured satellite communications solutions to commercial and government organizations, was awarded a General Services Administration (GSA) contract and inclusion on GSA’s Multiple Aard Schedule program in 2013 and this schedule was renewed in 2018. As the federal government’s largest, most widely used acquisition vehicle, Multiple Awards Schedule enables OneWeb Technologies to directly provide government agencies with easy access to its comprehensive COMSATCOM offering. Under Special Item Numbers (SINs) created by the GSA and under DISA’s Future COMSATCOM Services Acquisition (FCSA) program, OneWeb Technologies provides Commercial Satellite Communications Solutions (COMSATCOM) (SIN 517410) to include Transponded and Subscription services. Additional SINs include IT Professional Services (SIN 54151s) and Purchase of New Electronic Equipment (SIN 33411). The indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contract award covers a period of five years with three, five-year renewal options. OneWeb Technologies’ GSA Multiple Award Schedule contract number is GS-35F-195AA.

    Contract Documents:

    Complex Commercial SATCOM Solutions (CS3)

    OneWeb Technologies, the premier small-business provider of assured satellite communications solutions to government and commercial organizations, announced their award on the General Service Administration (GSA) Complex Commercial SATCOM Solutions (CS3) IDIQ Contract. CS3 is designed to enable U.S. federal agencies to purchase worldwide commercial satellite communications (COMSATCOM) Complex Solutions. COMSATCOM Complex Solutions comprise customized engineered solutions to meet customers’ unique COMSATCOM needs incorporating commercial satellite communication products and services through the General Service Administration (GSA). CS3 is a multiple-awardee, Indefinite Delivery – Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract, with an estimated value of $2.5 billion over its 10-year term.

    Contract Documents:

    Section A – Executed Form SF 26 Contract Amendment/Modification Executed Form SF 30 P00001 Contract Amendment/Modification Executed Form SF 30 P00003 Contract Amendment/Modification Executed Form SF 30 P00004 Contract Amendment/Modification Executed Form SF 30 P00005 Contract Amendment/Modification Executed Form SF 30 P00006 Contract Amendment/Modification Executed Form SF 30 P00007 Contract Amendment/Modification Executed Form SF 30 P00008 Section B – Supplies or Services and Prices/Costs Section B – Attach. J-9 – Pricing for STO 1 – Contract Year 4 Section B – Attach. J-9 – Pricing for STO 2 – Contract Year 4 Section C – SOW Section D – Packaging and Marking Section E – Inspection and Acceptance Section F – Deliveries or Performance Section G – Contract Administration Section H – Special Contract Requirements Section I – Special Contract Requirements, FAR Clauses Section J – List of Documents, Exhibits, and Other Attachments Section J, Attach. J-1 – Acronyms and Abbreviations Section J, Attach. J-4 – OneWeb Technologies Subcontracting Guidance and Model Plan Section J, Attach. J-5 – CS3 Monthly Business Volume Report Template Section J, Attach. J-6 – CS3 Monthly Revenue Report Template Section J, Attach. J-8 – STO 1 Requirements Section J, Attach. J-10 – STO 2 Requirements Section J, Attach. J-14 – Form DD254 Template Section J, Attach. J-15 – Addendum to DD-254 for TAT 08-04 Section J, Attach. J-17 – STO Link Budget Template
    AIT Logo

    8(a) STARS III (Joint Venture)

    OneWeb Technologies formed a Mentor/Protégé relationship with Advanced Computer Learning Company and also formed a Joint Venture (JV), Aquila Integrated Technologies (AIT). The joint venture was successfully awarded the GSA 8(a) STARS III contract vehicle. General Services Administration (GSA) 8(a) Streamlined Technology Acquisition Resources for Services (STARS) III Government-wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC) vehicle. The 8(a) STARS III GWAC has a $50 billion ceiling over 10 years and offers government users flexible access to customized IT solutions and emerging technologies from a diverse pool of industry partners. The 8 (a) STARS GWACs are known governmentwide as best-in-class, easy-to-use, streamlined procurement solutions to purchase IT services from8(a) prime contractors. DoD and Civilian agencies throughout the government will benefit from obtaining their services from STARS prime contractors that have been preapproved and vetted.
    Consortium Management Group logo

    Consortium for Command, Control, and Communications in Cyberspace (C5)

    C5 (OTA W15QKN1795555 managed by CMG with a value up to $2bn) is a nonprofit consortium composed of leading companies and institutions in the C4ISR and cyber technology domains. Unlike other OTA consortia, C5 serves as both the consortium manager and contract administrator, providing an independent, transparent single interface between members and the government. The scope of C5 encompasses all of the following: Offensive and Defensive Cyberspace Operations, Situational Understanding, C4ISR and Targeting, System of Systems Architecture, Tactical and Strategic Networks, Enterprise Systems, Software and Hardware Technologies, Systems Integration, Electronic Warfare, Positioning, Navigation and Timing, Information Operations, Intelligence Analysis, Exploitation and Dissemination, Mobility, Autonomy and Sensors.
    Information Warfare Research Project logo

    Information Warfare Research Project (IWRP)

    The Information Warfare Research Project (IWRP) engages industry and academia to develop and mature technologies in the field of Information Warfare that enhance Navy and Marine Corps mission effectiveness, focused on the following technology areas:
    • Cyber Warfare
    • Data Science/Analytics Technologies
    • Assured Communications
    • Cloud Computing
    • Enterprise Resource Tools
    • Collaboration and Social Networking
    • Autonomy
    • IoT
    • Mobility
    • Assured Command & Control
    • Integrated Fires
    • Battlespace Awareness
    NSTXL Consortium logo

    National Security Technology Accelerator (NSTXL)

    Members have access to each OTA within the NSTXL network, allowing them to compete for any opportunities that fit their capabilities. Working across all branches of government contracting and some of the most prominent divisions of the DoD, the opportunity for innovation is limitless. The Space Enterprise Consortium (SpEC) OTA was created in 2017 through the Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center to bridge the cultural gap between military buyers and commercial space startups and small businesses. The innovative contracting process allows ApEC to solicit bids from a mix of member companies including companies that have not previously worked with the DoD. The Space Enterprise Consortium (SpEC) was created in 2017 through the Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center. SpEC was created to bridge the cultural gap between military buyers and commercial space startups and small businesses through OTAs. The OTA’s innovative contracting process allows SpEC to solicit bids from a mix of member companies including companies that have not previously done work with the DoD. The SpEC OTAs mission is to work to:
    • Minimize barriers to entry for small businesses and non-traditional vendors
    • Promote integrated research and prototyping efficiencies
    • Leverage partnerships to increase flexibility and agility, reduce cost, improve technology and decrease program development cycles
    Technology areas include the following:
    • Ground Segment
    • Launch Segment
    • Electronics
    • All Technology Areas
    • Payload-Radio Frequency
    • Mission Operations and Architecture
    SOSSEC Consortium logo


    SOSSEC CONSORTIUM- Other Transactions (OTs) are often referred to as OTAs (OTA is actually the Other Transaction Authority, that is, the authority for an agency to issue an OT). OTs are a special vehicle used by federal agencies for obtaining or advancing research and development (R&D) or prototypes. An OT is not a contract, grant, or cooperative agreement, and there is no statutory or regulatory definition of “Other Transaction.” Only those agencies that have been provided OT authority may engage in other transactions. SOSSEC Consortium has 9 OTAs, a few are included below:
    • AFRL OSAI OT – SOSSEC, Inc. manages the United States Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) Open System Acquisition Initiative (OSAI) OTA. The OTA’s mission is to produce prototypes in command, control, communications and cyber, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (C4ISR) that increase the efficiency of Government, industry and academia capabilities in information systems proposed to be acquired or developed by the Department of Defense (DOD), and to reduce the cost of defense information systems technology.
    • AFLCMC/LPA PCI OT – The Propulsion Acquisition Directorate of the US Air Force Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC/LPA) established the Propulsion Directorate Consortium Initiative (PCI) as a result of awarding a $400M Other Transaction Authority Prototype Agreement (OTA) to SOSSEC, Inc. The SOSSEC Consortium performs critical research, development, test and evaluation within prototyping projects addressing propulsion needs and the future of the propulsion enterprise.
    • AFLCMC ACI – The Air Force Life Cycle Management Center Consortium Initiative (ACI) awarded SOSSEC, Inc. a $100M OTA. The AFLCMC Consortium Initiative (ACI) mission is to streamline the acquisition process by rapidly awarding projects under the OTA to members of the SOSSEC Consortium, which is managed by its Consortium Administrative Organization (CAO) or Consortium Manager, SOSSEC, Inc.
    • National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency – SOSSEC works with NGA’s Office of Ventures and Innovation using the OTA as one means to drive innovative and transformational change into the National System for Geospatial-Intelligence (NSG) and Allied System for Geospatial-Intelligence (ASG) environments. The agreement has a $30M ceiling for multiple prototype project awards and represented SOSSEC’s sixth such agreement since 2007.
    • U.S. Army Cobra – The Program Executive Office Enterprise Information Systems (PEO-EIS) awarded the Cyberspace Operations Broad Responsive Agreement (COBRA) Other Transaction Agreement (OTA) to the SOSSEC Consortium for prototypes in Defensive Cyber Operations.
    NOAA NMITS logo

    NOAA NMITS (Sub)


    Contract Information – CTA member to Cherokee Services Group LLC (Prime) Contract Number: GS-35F-195AA/1305M421ANAAA0037 Base Period of Performance: 11/20/2020 – 11/19/2025 Option Period 1 (5 years): 11/20/2025 – 11/19/2030 Contract Types: Firm Fixed Price (FFP), Time and Materials (T&M), Labor Hour (LH), Hybrid Ceiling: $2.1B Contract Description: The NOAA Mission Information Technology Services (NMITS) Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) has a five-year base period of performance from date of award, plus one five-year option period. The potential value is $2.1 billion if all options are exercised. Task Orders may have a period of performance up to 60 months past the ordering period, for a total period of up to 15 years. The NMITS contract provides NOAA-wide coverage for IT Core Management Components and Service Areas as well as Cross-cutting services that support the government through system design, development, fielding, and sustainment of global NOAA IT needs vital to the oceanic and atmospheric observing needs of the United States (US). The services and capabilities supported by the NMITS contract provide adaptive and timely solutions for NOAA organizations to satisfy current and future IT requirements. NMITS supports both classified and unclassified programs on multiple networks and security domains, at multiple concurrent locations. Most NMITS contract work is on unclassified networks. NMITS Task Orders may contain requirements for one or many of the Services Areas listed under the Core Management Component. At the Task Order level, enterprise activities and services may be combined to maximize efficiencies, drive process improvements, eliminate service overlaps, and realize cost efficiencies to the government.

    Core Management Components include:

    • Enterprise Services
      • Technology Assessment and Evaluation
      • Systems/Infrastructure Engineering
      • Independent Testing and Evaluation
      • Logistical Support and Inventory Management
      • Asset and Configuration Management
      • Technical Writing and Documentation Support
    • Customer Support Services
      • Customer Relationship Management Services
      • End User Computing Support
      • Customer Experience Management and Operations
      • Customer Education and Training
      • Customer IT Infrastructure Installation, Build Outs, and Decommissioning
      • Service Desk
      • Desktop Management
    • Mission and Business Applications, Tools, Portals, and Web Services
      • Software Engineering, Development, and Integration
      • Mission and Business Application/Tool Development, Test, Integration, and Maintenance
      • Web and Portal Systems Development, Integration, Maintenance, and Management
      • Knowledge and Content Management
      • Life Cycle Software License Management and Control
    • Enterprise Computing, Cloud, Storage, Shared and Field Services
      • Server and Workstation Baseline Creation, Standardization, Deployment, and Patch Management
      • Enterprise Systems Maintenance and Repair
      • Field Service Support
      • Server Administration and Management
      • Storage Administration and Management
      • Data Services, Data Administration, and Database Management
      • Enterprise Cloud Services, Administration, and Management
      • Enterprise Operations, Event Monitoring and Management, Performance Monitoring, and Analysis
      • Enterprise Infrastructure Maintenance and Repair
      • Service Delivery Center, Data Center, and Equipment Room IT Management
      • Enterprise Data Backup, Disaster Recovery (DR), and Continuity of Operations (COOP) Program Operations and Support
    • Data and Voice Network Services
      • Collaboration Services
      • Cable/Fiber Installation, Testing, Troubleshooting, and Management
      • Network Administration and Maintenance
      • Network Operations, Event Monitoring and Management, Performance Monitoring, and Analysis
      • Wireless and Mobile Device Support
      • Voice Installation, Operations, and Maintenance
      • Video and Video Teleconferencing Installation, Operations, and Maintenance
      • Knowledge Wall and Video Display Integration, Operations, and Maintenance
      • Satellite Communications Initialization, Operations, and Management IT Support
    • Cybersecurity and Information Assurance Services
      • Security Operations Center (SOC)
      • Security services

    Cross-cutting services include:

    • Program Management
    • Subcontracted Technical Support Services
    • Call Out/Per Call Support Services
    • Surge Support Services
    • Deployment Support Services
    The NOAALink Program Office (NPO) is proud to introduce NOAA Mission IT Services (NMITS), an exciting new addition to the tools at our disposal to help customers succeed. NMITS joins a family of acquisition vehicles tailor-made to deliver IT solutions and provides access to the best and most efficient IT offerings from a variety of small business firms. The National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Mission Information Technology Services (NMITS) is a small business set-aside Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) contract vehicle with five base years and a five-year option period. This $2.1B vehicle utilizes General Services Administration’s (GSA) IT Schedule 70 and is administered by a joint effort from the NOAA Office of the CIO (OCIO) / NOAALink Program Office (NPO) and NOAA’s Acquisition and Grants Office (AGO) / Corporate Services Acquisition Division (CSAD). What is NMITS? The NMITS BPA vehicle, referred to simply as “NMITS”, provides information technology (IT) services, solutions, and support. NMITS is the acquisition framework for delivering the full scope of IT services and capabilities to support NOAA-wide IT solutions for Line Offices, Staff Offices, and Corporate Services Offices. NMITS will be utilized by all NOAA Offices. NMITS allows NOAA missions the ability to procure IT tools and support in areas such as enterprise services, application administration, enterprise and cloud computing, data and voice network services, cybersecurity and information assurance. Furthermore, there are many customer benefits to utilizing NMITS as an acquisition vehicle. NMITS provides opportunities for technical consolidation which will result in increased economies of scale. Additionally, the selected vendors were authorized through a rigorous review process during the NMITS evaluation phase and have been validated as companies with extensive knowledge of NOAA and our critical missions. Benefits of NMITS NMITS enables NOAA missions to procure IT tools and provides a broad range of support in areas such as enterprise services, application administration, enterprise and cloud computing, data and voice network services, cybersecurity and information assurance. Customers putting NMITS to use should find it easier to succeed and enjoy a smoother journey through the IT acquisition process. As a customer-focused 10-year contract, NMITS features the following service enhancements: Enhanced Performance – Selected vendors are pre-vetted and have extensive knowledge of NOAA and our critical missions Investment in Innovation – NMITS contractors have a goal in identifying and coordinating emerging IT solutions and technology integration opportunities

    SOCOM GAN Services (Sub)

    More Information Coming Soon.

    p-LEO Contract Award

    OneWeb Technologies, a global provider of high-speed, low latency, secure, multi-orbit satellite network solutions, announced today it was awarded a Commercial Satellite Communications Proliferated Low Earth Orbit (p-LEO) contract from the U.S. Space Force (USSF), Space Systems Command (SSC), Commercial Space Office (CSO), and Commercial Satellite Communications Office (CSCO). The 10-year p-LEO contract was awarded to OneWeb Technologies with a 900 million dollar ceiling. 

    This significant achievement solidifies OneWeb Technologies’ position as a trusted government solutions partner, and a leading provider of low-earth orbit (LEO) satellite services, in the rapidly evolving field of satellite communications.