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    UltiSat Continues Product Expansion Strategy by Signing Distribution Agreement with OneWeb Technologies for LEO Based Satellite Connectivity

    Gaithersburg, MD, USA – April 26, 2022 – UltiSat, a global provider of critical communications solutions, has announced a new distribution agreement with OneWeb Technologies to include its Low Earth Orbit (LEO) based satellite communications services as part of the UltiSat portfolio for government and mobility markets. The agreement is part of an ongoing product and services expansion strategy implemented by UltiSat late last year. The strategy is focused on evaluating the wide range of newly emerging satellite-based technologies and helping customers to implement those best suited to their particular mission requirements.

    The distribution arrangement will leverage OneWeb’s growing constellation of LEO communications satellites and certified remote terminals, to provide global end-to-end connectivity. The new LEO service offers high speed links with lower latency than traditional Geosynchronous (GEO) satellites. By combining the OneWeb Technologies service with UltiSat’s self-owned and operated Global Interconnect Network (GIN), customers can benefit from cutting-edge LEO satellites and connect their remote sites directly to a secure private ground network, a cloud-based service, or the public internet.

    UltiSat will provide equipment integration, field services, 24 x 7 customer support, logistics, and lifecycle management. UltiSat can also combine OneWeb Technologies’ services with other complementary satellite and wireless communications technologies to provide a multi-path, multi-orbit solution for increased network resiliency. Together, UltiSat and OneWeb Technologies will enable easier access for a broader range of customer application environments – all commercially available and managed as a service.

    “The rapidly changing satellite communications industry has created a myriad of innovative product and service concepts, both in orbit and on the ground,” said UltiSat president and CEO David Myers. “But for many customers, discerning which new offerings are truly mission ready can be daunting. At UltiSat we pride ourselves on being a technology and vendor agnostic solution provider. We make objective evaluations of new technologies to ensure they will perform for our customers, especially in tough operating environments. We are proud to add the OneWeb Technologies LEO service to the UltiSat portfolio.”

    “We look forward to working with Ultisat as a trusted industry partner focused on space superiority and information dominance”. Ultisat is a company with a reputation for delivering secure communications solutions to customers with high consequence missions,” said Bob Roe, chief executive officer, OneWeb Technologies. “We look forward to delivering OneWeb Technologies’ global end-to-end network, combined with our engineering expertise, to meet the growing mission-critical communications needs of UltiSat and its customers.”

    UltiSat’s product and service expansion strategy has already included a number of additions, including Intelsat’s FlexAir for airborne communications, as well as recent partnerships with manufacturers of electronically steerable array (ESA) satellite antennae and secure baseband remote terminal equipment. UltiSat expects to continue evaluating and adding new products to its portfolio as part of its vision to become a trusted one-stop-shop for secure and specialty communications for government, humanitarian-aid and critical infrastructure missions.

    About Ultisat

    UltiSat is a global provider of end-to-end solutions for managed networks, airborne communications, specialized global wireless, and advanced engineering services. Customers in government, humanitarian-aid, and critical infrastructure markets have unique communications requirements and greater demand for resiliency. Our portfolio includes a range of products and services leveraging satellite, terrestrial and wireless technologies, combined with in-house engineering, systems integration and global field service. UltiSat leverages a 25+ year heritage deploying solutions in over 120 countries to specialize in secure communications and networking for missions of high consequence. For more information visit

    About OneWeb Technologies

    OneWeb Technologies is a global provider of high-speed, low latency, secure, multi-orbit, satellite network solutions to commercial and government customers. OneWeb Technologies is the U.S. Proxy entity of OneWeb, focused on designing secure end-to-end commercial SATCOM solutions for the Five Eyes (FVYS) and other governmental organizations. As OneWeb’s proxy organization, it has access to the company’s Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite constellation and takes a consultative and adaptable approach toward providing reliable, innovative, secure and cost-effective satellite communications solutions to its customers. Learn more at

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